Language Yoga is a linguistic tool and yoga practice which is extremely powerful and has the potential to initiate a great shift. We are tirelessly working to share this potent message with the world because Aaron and I both feel that this consciousness shift is vitally important at this juncture in time in order to shift away from destruction and into regeneration.


We are working on establishing a non-profit and creating a Language Yoga Cultural Healing Center to provide space for us to teach this important yoga technique. This center will serve as the physical hub around which this movement can begin revolving. In creating a space which can nurture this consciousness and teach it to the public, we hope to be able to take this movement to the next level. Language Yoga is a portal which opens up into a vast expanse of revelations. The Language Yoga Cultural Healing Center would be the container for delving deeper into these insights and solidifying them where they can then be shared with the world.

In order to help us continue sharing Language Yoga and work toward creating the Language Yoga Cultural Healing Center in a pure and un-commercialized form, assistance is humbly requested.

To help support this vision, you can:

1. Do Your Translations! Integrate Language Yoga into your daily life and tell others about this transformational idea.

2. Help support us financially by making a donation via check or money order.

3. Good at making movies? Help us make a movie that will share Language Yoga with the world.

4. Technological Wizard? Help us develop the Language Yoga Translator smart phone app.

5. If you have ideas about how to push this movement forward, connect with us!contact us and let's work together!

Sarah Peterson & Aaron Watson

P.O. Box 1097, Crestone, CO 81131